On Today
Business Focus
Mondays - Fridays at 9.30 pm (10 mins)

Aired Mondays to Fridays during the Newsnight hour. Business focus is the most comprehensive business news television show in jamaica. It features a round-up of the top local, business and regional stories. It also tracks the current trading on the local regional and international stock exchanges.

The program is re-aired the next day at 8.45am.

Caribbean Newsline
Monday-Saturday at 7.30pm

Jnn offers along with its media partner CMC up-to-the-minute news and sports from across the Caribbean via the CMC program Caribbean Newsline. Caribbean Newsline is the CMC’s flagship product. It features a comprehensive 30-minute package of the latest in-depth news and sports from around the Caribbean.

CMC is the leading provider of satellite and internet transmission in the Caribbean. CMC also has the largest content library of news sports and lifestyle programming in the Caribbean. CMC prides itself on the powerful force of its sports, music, art and style that has touched the lives of many around the region.

Inside the Caribbean
Weekdays 9.30am & 12.30pm (15min)

Inside the Caribbean is the only morning newscast giving you your daily dose of regional, finance and entertainment news as well as weather.

JNN’s Early Report
Weekdays 6am & 7am ( ½ hr)

Wake up to the latest news of the day on JNN’s Early report. The early report is a comprehensive and up to date flow of news, sports and weather. The package is quick, snappy and informative.

JNN’s Headline News
News on the hour every hour weekdays

Fast paced, 5 minutes news, sports , business, entertainment and weather package aired at the top of every hour.

Lifting the Veil
Thursdays at 8pm

A one hour live discussion program that lifts the veil coverings a myriad of issues( political, social & economic), which shape the island. It provides clear insight , the first step to identifying the solutions to various issues affecting the society. Aired Thursdays at 8pm the program consists of investigative reports on issues followed by interviews with the major players about how to address the issues identified in the report.

Wednesdsays at 8pm

A one hour package. It feature the CMC’s Kaymar Jordan talking one on one with the movers and shakers of the region.

Weeknights @ 9pm (½ hr)

JNN’s prime time news package Newsnight covers a range of issues and defies you to click away. It is accurate, credible, fair, comprehensive, balanced and honest. Newsnight does not feed viewers with a steady diet of crime. Instead, it explores all the important news stories happening in Jamaica. It also brings to viewers stories they are most concerned about locally regionally and internationally. The distinctive style, business like delivery and warmth of the news anchor connects with the viewers.

People's Business
Tuesdays at 8pm

People's business on CBC Channel 8 investigates the hot issues of the week. Every Sunday night at 7:40pm local time. The programme provides a deep analysis of the most noticeable news of the week. Depending on the topic under consideration, People's business is hosted by members of the news and current affairs department.

Sports Spotlight
Weeknights at 9.45pm (8 mins)

Jamaicans love their sports and are particularly passionate about football, cricket, netball and track and field. JNN sports identifies with viewers by providing a daily package containing the latest scores, news and reviews... get in the game with a complete sports package from JNN.

Today's News Review
Saturday’s at 12 noon

Features a 30-minute recap of the week’s top stories for those who missed or simply want to revisit the past week’s top news, business and sports stories.

Today’s News
Week days 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm (½ hr)

Chock-full of information, TODAY'S NEWS provides a mix of business and local news stories. It looks at the top business news of the day along with an outlook on the stock market - how the market is performing throughout the day as well as the top local stories as it happens.

Up to date
(½- 1hr)

Provides more than a sound bite of the issues of the day. See for yourself the press conferences and announcements that will set the pace for the top news stories in the island.